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Brand Refresh

Quincy Mine contacted Monte about giving their website a new look and feel. During the website design process, Lauren offered to refresh the logo. The updated logo is more balanced, readable, and eye-catching. Paired with the photo-driven website design, the updated Quincy Mine brand is one that is sure to last. 


Once the project began, Matt saw even greater opportunities for Quincy Mine. Countless videos, photos, and articles have been written about the mine and the Copper Country’s historical nature; ideal for sharing to Facebook. We added a separate tag for the “Shafthouse Dedication” as a way for Quincy Mine to recognize donors.


On the previous Quincy Mine website, users had trouble understanding the pricing structure for the guided tours and rates. The new pricing table is easier to understand and looks great on both large and small screens. Even better, this Drupal website was built so all the content (including the table) is easy for the client to update.


To maintain the ease of updates, we designed and built a shopping website for Quincy Mine (separate from the marketing site, but with the same design elements). The store, built on the Shopify platform, promotes membership on the home page with clearly defined categories for each section of the gift shop, including books & videos, rocks & minerals, and more. The website also allows Quincy to feature their best sellers on the main screen with a newsletter subscription button that feeds directly into their MailChimp account to easily share email blasters with interested visitors. 

Lauren designed the store website to match the marketing website, so the transition from one to the other is seamless.

shopify website

The store's responsive website design makes it easy to shop on-the-go for the perfect gift.

responsive website design

Sharing has never been easier thanks to Quincy's new website. Tell the world about your latest purchase with a click of the mouse. Check out the store website.

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