REL - Community Video

It Takes A Community

Building world class equipment for the aerospace, automotive, oil, and material testing industries requires support from a range of companies. The team at REL needed a way to share their message about the strength of their local connections that allows them to move from ideation to integration in customer facilities worldwide.

Matt headed to REL to capture footage of Josh telling the story about relationships building, while further collecting b-roll to be used to highlight every element that goes into the products created at REL.

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To help your brand build awareness, it is important to have an unique video intro—especially if you plan on creating multiple videos. We call this the 'logo splash' and in REL's case, Matt animated their logo to literally drop into a tank of water with a splash and then the full color is revealed as it is rinsed in the water. This washing process mimics what happens to REL's parts in the finishing stage, so not only does it look cool but it has meaning to their audience as well.

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