Job Title
Web Developer

Non-Official Job Title
Front End Fabricator

Monte-d Up 

Can't Live Without 
New experiences 

Favorite Chef
Matty Matheson

First Job
Golf Cart Valet Attendant

Preferred Winter Travel Destination
Rocky Mountains for Backcountry Snowmobiling

Problem Solver

Mike’s creativity knows no bounds —bringing experience in the physical space for CAD, fabrication, product development, and storytelling behind the camera lens. He understands the value of exploring the unknown to solve problems through technology, creativity, or both.

Trail Blazer

With a love for the outdoors and lifelong habit of tinkering, Mike balances his free time between mountain biking, camping, and exploring while using rainy days for repairing, building, and playing around with bicycles, motorcycles, electronics, and tools. He also loves cooking for his family and friends.

Jack of all Trades

With working experience in technology, hospitality, manufacturing, and general contracting, Mike possesses industry and product knowledge in both the physical and digital world. His diverse background fuels adaptability and enables a comprehensive understanding of products and processes spanning multiple industries.