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What's the difference between a library and a framework? The internets' most popular JS question. We won't bore you with the details, just know Monte has got you covered. Whether it is new school frameworks like Angular or React (technically a library, but if it quacks like a duck...), or old school libraries like jQuery, our developers at Monte have the experience  to choose the right tools for your project.

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Not everything is a webapp, most projects just need some straight up vanilla javascript. Not a day goes by that the Monte dev team isn't writing JS, and they prefer using modern JavaScript syntax (ES6 and later), but don't worry we use Babel to make sure those pesky old browsers are still happy. And sure we stray a bit from pure vanilla with tools like CoffeScript and TypeScript, but the productive bird gets all the worms.

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We are all about third-party services and Google Maps javascript API is one of our favs! Sure we make a lot of maps, but we get our API groove on all over the internet leveraging REST API services from places like SalesforceZendesk and Shopify.

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Our developers are all about the FULL stack so we leverage JS on both the frontend and backend. Tools like node.js help the team quickly deploy agile development environments and npm and Yarn help herd dependencies like cats.

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