Upper Peninsula Videography Services

Professional Video Services

Video services in the Upper Peninsula from Monte will give you the “wow” your customers need to understand your unique product, hear about your stellar services, or visualize the students in your school, department, or university. We bring life to your content in the format of rich media. With over 40 billion videos streaming online each month, our Upper Peninsula videography services in Houghton, Michigan will ensure you are an industry trend setter. 

UP Video Services

To begin the videography process in Houghton in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Monte will meet with you to discuss your needs. We’ve done everything from how-to videos to service videos for universities and engineering firms on technical and creative topics.

Michigan Videography

Once the Monte videographers (in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) understand your rich media goals, we will work with you to create a storyboard plan – everything from the topics to cover in sit-down interviews to the visuals used on screen to describe a process. We’ll talk through who should be interviewed, or if a video script needs to be developed. Our team of creative writers will help develop a script (if needed) and share with you for review. We cover all the bases with our Michigan videography services.

Monte Videographer

Once the storyboard plan is in place, Michigan videographers from Monte will come on-site for interviews and capture video b-roll footage (the extras that make your video exciting – the products, the people, the services, and the environment) or we’ll invite you in to the Monte video studio in Houghton, Michigan where we can film you on dark or light backgrounds with various lighting configurations to best align with your branding. 

Michigan Video Editing

Once the video footage is captured, our videographers in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula will review the footage and find the best video snippets from both the interviews and the b-roll footage to compile a video that follows the storyboard. If a developed script needs to be recorded, Monte will work with our in-house voice talent, or work with external voice artists, to record the voiceover and place within the video. 

Upper Peninsula Video Services

With over 15 years of videography experience and the equipment to back it up, the Monte team will help you create a visual story about the launch of your new product, an exciting event, a new idea, or a unique story. Our videographers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan will create a video that clearly communicates your message. When words and pictures aren’t enough, contact us!