Job Title
Marketing & Photography Assistant 

Non-official Job Title
Video Queen

Monte-d Up

Can’t live without

Michigan Made 
Born in the Keweenaw 

Top 5 Strengths 
Achiever | Positivity | Empathy | Context | Developer 




Kaisa found out very young that art was a way to express herself. From making art personally to bringing her ideas to work. She helps out with content involving photography and videography; doing what she loves at Monte, creating.


Excited to learn. Kaisa enjoys challenging herself, trying out new applications and executions. Along with the rest of the team, she adds another perspective to projects. Exploring different directions a story may lead. 

Helping hand

Kaisa often lends a hand to help the workflow of different projects at Monte. From reviewing final drafts to brainstorming ideas. She is eager to assist in any situation and can often be found on video and photoshoots with Matt.