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Ecommerce Website Design

Online store fronts can be developed by the Monte team using state-of-the-art ecommerce website solutions. The ecommerce website solutions for online stores are developed using the Shopify platform, which can be completely customized to feature your photos, products, and content.

Our Shopify ecommerce designer will help you select a template that meets your needs based on an initial discussion. We will help you determine if your ecommerce website needs a slideshow to highlight the main categories of products in your storefront, or if a single image of your product will do the trick. We’ll look through hundreds of Shopify storefront templates to find the one that functions in the best way for you and your audience, from the location of the menu to the way products on featured on the home page of the ecommerce storefront solution.

Once a template is selected, the Shopify design team will get to work customizing the template to match your needs, updating the menu to match your ecommerce storefront structure, incorporating your branding, adding in your photos, and sprinkling in your message. Don’t have photos or a message, have no fear, our team of photographers and content developers can help with that too.

Shopify ecommerce website development


We’ll share the design with you for feedback and once approved, our Shopify ecommerce developers will get started on the customization of the template. With any ecommerce storefront solution, you’ll need to select a shipping option (either FedEx, UPS, or USPS), and we’ll configure it for you to ensure shipping can be tracked to customers as expected. For customizable shipping solutions, Shopify will require a higher level account, but if that’s the route you choose, our ecommerce developers can help with that too. The online storefront solution will also be configured for taxes (based on your physical storefront address) and to accept payment. The Shopify ecommerce platform is set-up to use Shopify payments for free, with a charge only to used credit cards. The ecommerce solution can handle other payment gateways, including PayPal,, Amazon payments, and more, which our team of online storefront developers are happy to configure for you. 

shopify ecommerce website solution


Shopify ecommerce solution comes with a monthly fee, but comes with peace of mind knowing your customers are shopping in a safe and secure space. If you want to manage inventory for your online and physical store presence, Shopify’s ecommerce solution can be further configured with a point of sale system to manage both inventories seamlessly.

If you want to maintain an online store presence, and also operate a blog or other basic pages to promote your business, the Shopify ecommerce solution is set-up to handle that too! Our team of Shopify ecommerce developers will meet with you once your store is configured to train you on product entry and page text editing to ensure you can manage the store, or you can come to our team for edits to pages and products too. 

Shopify storefront solution


But you don’t need a full Shopify ecommerce solution to have an online store. If you have an existing website, our team of ecommerce website developers can help you create “buy now” buttons to add to product pages on your existing website. This comes with a nominal monthly fee from Shopify, but can quickly ramp up your online presence and change your website from a simple website to a storefront.

If you are looking to increase your online presence to share your new and existing products with customers online and offer a retail option, our team of Shopify ecommerce website designers and developers at Monte have the solution! Enhance your online presence with a Shopify store from Monte. 

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