Texas A&M Messaging Campaign

Matt and Ashley develop a messaging campaign for Texas A&M

Monte worked with the Eagle Ford Center at Texas A&M University to develop a messaging platform by interviewing faculty members. 

Matt and Ashley wrote a research profile and highlighted the collaboration among the research partners, as well as the experienced faculty and industry partnerships.


We kicked off the project by coordinating interviews with sixteen faculty members in the Eagle Ford Center. Together, Matt and Ashley conducted the interviews and drafted research profiles for each of the faculty interviewed. We then collaborated with the faculty to refine their profiles. 


Following the interviews, we noted common themes to create a consistent headlining and messaging approach to be used on the research slides we would be creating. We shared the various headline and messaging platforms with the Eagle Ford Center and applied the chosen theme to the research profiles. 

Content Creation

 We drafted content to be used in the presentation, including the center's primary research areas and the process of partnering with the Eagle Ford Center using the established voice. We carried the selected headlining and messaging approach across all content and revised with the center. 

Texas A&M PowerPoint slides with content written by Monte Consulting


With the approved research profiles, research areas, and the partnering process, we created a powerpoint presentation that the center and all the faculty involved can use to highlight the research of themselves and their colleagues to provide the full breadth of the center's capabilities. 

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