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One implement. Six pieces of equipment.

Stumper Stump Grinders are the epitome of efficiency. "Swap and go" isn't just a cute tagline—the Stumper 280 grinds quickly and efficiently on six (6!) different machines: UTV, Mini Skid Steer, Standard Skid Steer, Mini Front Loader, Backhoe, and Excavator. 

What does this have to do with MONTE? Everything. We brought the Stumper brand to the next level with an iconic logo design, numerous flyers and brochures, videos, photography, messaging, and a website.

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Intuitive Structure

Because Stumper Stump Grinders can be used across many industries and on several pieces of equipment, we were faced with a unique challenge: how to best organize the website? By industry? By equipment? By product? We went with all three.

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Sticking to the Story

We continue to reinforce the idea of cross-compatibility by including "Swap and Go" graphics on each of the product pages. These graphics visually tell the story of the product/equipment compatibility using equipment icons.

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Comparison Chart

What if you're not sure which Stumper to buy? This handy chart lets website users quickly compare each Stumper based on the equipment it is compatible with. Sharing the same information in multiple ways helps to remove barriers to buying.

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Product Photography

Chips flying. Grinders spinning. We don't just tell website visitors that Stumper Stumper Grinders work—we show it. Matt has been taking onsite product photography for this Michigan-based company for several years, and the website design makes the most of this raw, real, and dare we say—stunning—photography.

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Product Videos

While the photos create the wow, the videos show the work. While recording onsite product videos,we have witnessed the Stumper pulverize tree stumps in seconds. Each Stumper product on the website comes to life through the videos that Matt and Ashley created using video graphics designed by Lauren.

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Questions Answered

The FAQ page is crucial in building the website visitors' understanding of Stumper Stump Grinders. A clean and crisp list of questions awaits; clicking opens the box to reveal the answer. Like the rest of the website, the content on the FAQ page adapts easily to fit every screen size. 

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Building Trust

You've seen the photos, watched the videos, and read the specs. But can the Stumper really back up its bark? By capping off each page on the website with real customer testimonials, we use their experience and confidence in Stumper products to build trust. If the website visitor has any doubts, the "Ask a question" button provides a timely call-to-action that continues the conversation for those not yet ready to buy.

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