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The School of Business & Economics (SBE) on the Michigan Tech campus is home to majors from marketing to finance and management to economics. While the school boasts stellar creds (AACSB-accredited), they were lacking the recruiting collateral to share with potential students during college fairs.

Matt and the Monte team met with SBE to understand their needs and define the audience – high school students interested in business, but seeking opportunities to collaborate with engineering peers.


The School of Business & Economics is a name, but Monte wanted more for them – a brand. Lauren set to work creating a recognizable brand element – the three bars using various greens. These branding elements are carried throughout the marketing materials – from the brochure to posters – to help tie the name to an easily recognized pattern.

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recruiting brochure design


Once the audience was defined, Ashley and Matt interviewed one student from each of the seven majors; focusing on extracurricular involvement, favorite courses, faculty members, post-graduation plans, and tips for success to help high school students find the right fit for them. Their answers helped inform the messaging that we sprinkled throughout the brochure as well.

university recruiting brochure


We don’t think brochures should just be about the degrees, we want them to be fun too. Lauren designed graphics that aligned with the SBE branding to show students a day in the life.

business school brochure design


Monte took the interviewing task one step further by photographing each student in their element, so potential students can see the environment and envision themselves on campus. 

brochure design college


The design makes it clear that the Michigan Tech experience goes far beyond studying; ideal for biking and skiing, catching a play, and obscure sports like innertube water polo and wallyball.  

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