Naming Services

Monte team doing naming exercise at whiteboard

Are you remembered?

People remember you through your company or product name. Don’t be forgotten. Be unforgettable. Pair our creative naming and branding services to be the cream of the crop.

We begin our naming process by doing a deep dig of your competitive landscape. We take time to learn what makes your business shine and how you are different than your competition. Then, we develop an exhaustive list of relevant terms to your business before starting the truly creative piece of developing a name. We use our complete list to piece together the best names, providing you with the full list of relevant terms, the complete name list, and the names our team things are the strongest as far as branding.

Data mining meeting for naming services by Monte

Unlocking the name

Once we’ve developed a short list for names, we use data mining techniques through a program our team has developed on social media to evaluate the feelings around key names. We further apply a decision making aid to help rank the names through an analytical process based on semantics, phonetics, and domain availability.

The result: a name that keeps you top of mind.

naming exercises

Want proof?

They came to us as Goldstrike. While the name was striking, it wasn’t the right fit for a predictive analytics company with a focus in higher education. The result? SightLine.

They’d been known at hall Associates Flying Effects for years, but the name was no longer matching the growth. It was tying them down rather than letting them soar like they do for their customers. We assisted with the renaming and rebranding and Vertigo was born.

Neuvokas BFRP rebar is revolutionary in the construction industry, but the name wasn’t easy to spell, say, or remember. Inspired by the texture, we proposed GatorBar to show the company’s strength and bite.