Graphic Design

Monte design team reviewing graphics on table

What do we design? Anything and everything.

Our lead graphic designer, Lauren, joined the MONTE team in 2006. Matt recalls asking her how she knew when a design was done. Her response? "I never consider a design done, but I keep refining it until it is as close to perfect as possible."

You might think that the "pursuit of perfection" means countless hours of revisions and reworks, but it is in fact the opposite—we listen, ask effective questions, and work together efficiently. Before the first meeting is done, Matt has crafted a vision with words, Ashley has begun drafting an estimate, and Lauren's ideas are spilling out onto paper.

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custom logo design services

LOGO Design

From the crucial first impression to the sale, a strong logo and brand identity will capture and hold your audience’s attention.

CASE STUDY: Vertigo Logo

automotive brochure design

Brochure Design

Captivating headlines. Content that tells a story. Brand-specific design that is instantly recognizable as yours.

CASE STUDY: Audi Brochure

business card design

Business Card Design

You have 3.5 x 2 inches. We ensure your cards are clean, classy, and communicate your message effectively.

CASE STUDY: The Wax Loft

book cover graphic design

Book Design

You've written the newest bestseller... but it won't realize its potential if the cover art flops. Floppy books are bad.

CASE STUDY: Unstoppable Book

annual report design

Annual Report Design

Define the theme. Interview key players. Take their photos. Write the articles. Pull it all together with captivating design.

CASE STUDY: University Report

horse trailer decal design

Vehicle Decal Design

We've designed decals for RVs, truck campers, and horse trailers. We've wrapped pickup trucks. We got you— from simple to super cool.

CASE STUDY: Horse Trailer

Michigan signage design

Sign Design

 We have collaborated with numerous sign builders to ensure both form and function. Bring us your vision, and we'll help bring it to life.

CASE STUDY: Internet Provider

brand design

Brand Design

We provide brand design services for everything from letterhead and PowerPoint templates to websites and email blasters.

CASE STUDY: Finlandia University

linkedin online ad design

Online Ad Design

LinkedIn. Facebook. Google. Twitter. Image ads. We've designed and launching advertising campaigns for them all!

CASE STUDY: Mason-Grey

magazine print ad design

Print Ad Design

Does your audience read newspapers? Buy magazines? We design print ads that grab attention—regardless of size or number of colors.

CASE STUDY: Fire Tower Ads

tradeshow booth graphic design


From freestanding tradeshow booths and 10 foot backdrops to vertical banners, brochures, and giveaways—we've done it all. 


interior spaces graphic design

Interior Design

Need to spice up a lobby? A wall? An elevator? Your branding doesn't need to stop at a website or brochure—let's boost your brand!

CASE STUDY: Graduate School Lobby

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Wall of graphic design examples being reviewed by the Monte team

Graphic Design Services

Live in California? We'll admit we miss the sun and then get to work. Wondering if we can design for a dentist? We did, but only by the skin of our teeth! 

Not-so-funny jokes aside, our point is that it doesn't matter where you are located or what services or products you are selling. Our graphic design team is comfortable designing for any audience or industry—from engineering annual reports to fine jewelry shopping websites to industrial product branding.


complete graphic design services

Complete Graphic Design Services

In our company’s graphic design history, we’ve done it all.

We’ve designed logos; business cards; brochures; annual reports; flyers; ads; posters; hats and shirts; tradeshow booths; building and roadway signage; vehicle wraps; window decals; PowerPoint templates; email blasters; web applications; responsive, dynamic, photo-, grid, and map-based websites; blogs; collaboration tools; CRMs; point of purchase displays and more. 

CASE STUDY: Schwartz Boiler

point of purchase design

Point-of-Purchase Graphic Design

Point-of-purchase design requires a deep understanding of consumer behavior and expectations.

We ask the hard questions and do the necessary research before designing point-of-purchase displays that reflect your brand identity and catch the eye of the consumer. 

CASE STUDY: Point-of-Purchase Design

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