Graphic Design

Graphic Design Services

Graphic design services from the Monte team are all encompassing. Our graphic design team is ready to work with you from the initial logo design all the way through website launch, and everything in-between. Our graphic design team is comfortable designing for any audience or industry—from engineering annual reports to fine jewelry shopping websites to industrial product branding.


Branded Graphic Design

With over fifteen years of experience in graphic design, we can help you find the right message paired with the right photos and illustrations – all packaged into one cohesive brand design. We understand effective graphic design means concise headlines, consistent formatting (from font selection to paragraph styling), eye-catching graphics, and clear calls to action – and we help you get the job done.

CASE STUDY: Mobile Research Lab 

Experienced Graphic Designer

As part of the graphic design process, our lead graphic designer, Lauren, gets to know you and your business, from the person that answers the phone to the product engineer. Our design process gives us a full understanding of your business and your audience, so we can illustrate your brand through the graphic design of the marketing materials we create.

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Complete Graphic Design Services

In our company’s graphic design history, we’ve done it all. We’ve designed logos; business cards; brochures; annual reports; flyers; ads; posters; tradeshow booths; building and roadway signage; vehicle wraps; window decals; PowerPoint templates; email blasters; web applications; responsive, dynamic, photo-, grid, and map-based websites; blogs; collaboration tools; CRMs; point of purchase displays and more. If you need something designed that isn’t on this list, chances are good we’ve done it.  

CASE STUDY: Schwartz Boiler

Print Material Design

Strong graphic design should capture your audience’s attention and be easily remembered. When someone picks up the print materials we’ve designed, you will be confident that it will hold their attention and communicate clearly.

Tradeshow Design

The Monte graphic design team can support all of your tradeshow needs—from brochures and giveaways, to video graphics, to vertical banners and 10 foot wall backdrops. We also have experience in designing interior spaces.

Brand Design

From the crucial first impression to the sale, our team of graphic designers combines strong messaging with information design to deliver a strong brand identity that will capture and hold your audience’s attention. Is your brand fly?

Point-of-Purchase Graphic Design

Point-of-purchase design requires a deep understanding of consumer behavior and expectations. Monte asks the hard questions and does the necessary research before designing point-of-purchase displays that reflect your brand identity and catch the eye of the consumer. 

CASE STUDY: Point-of-Purchase Design

Graphic design that fits your brand and budget

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