Get to the Grind



On several crisp, fall days, Matt loaded up the video gear and headed on-location to get shots of the Stumper line-up of stump grinders in action. After the trees had been chopped down, the Stumper team brought in a range of equipment, including a mini skid steer, a skid steer, and an excavator to showcase the power of each product line.


Creating Focal Points

Much like landscapers design properties to draw the eye, video is a powerful tool to capture attention and highlight selling features. Video cuts were made to show multiple stumps being attacked in one session with overlays to highlight total time elapsed as the equipment drove from one stump to another. Matt used up to three cameras during each session to allow video angle from multiple directions to ensure the users experience the full grind. Multiple videos were assembled, a short and a long version for each of the main product lines. 


Why Stop with Video?

Matt also harvested photos of the entire process to fully showcase the selling features of the Stumper line-up, from the hydraulic quick attach and the easy load and unload on trailers to the simple drive and go from one stump to another process. 

We’ve always thought Stumper’s products were a cut-above the rest. Now their customers can see it too.

Experience the power of video