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Our current website is slow to load and the checkout process is a little frustrating for our customers. Can you help smooth out the workflow for our online orders?


Our team has used the Shopify platform to build several online stores. Customers can easily create accounts and checkout using Shopify’s credit card processor, or an external credit card processing company.


Would this allow us to collect email addresses for our newsletter?


We can make sure the website is integrated with a MailChimp sign-up form, so when users visit your site they are prompted to join your email list.


How are the products viewed? Can we sort them by price, arrival time, brand?


Shopify allows you to enter tags when you add your products, so they can be sorted by any attributes you mentioned.


Let’s find a design that will work for our store! 

shopify website design


Portage Quilt House is the Copper Country’s only full service quilt shop, so Lauren put special care into designing a block that highlights the hours and location, as well as provides Portage Quilt House with space to inform their customers about additional services and classes. 

fabric website design


Using photos taken by Portage Quilt House, Lauren customized a Shopify template and focused on highlighting their unique fabrics without becoming overpowering. She then created a pattern to lay behind the home page slideshow and used colors in varying opacities from the client’s logo to fill out the site. 

website design development


The website features sections on the newest arrivals, featured fabrics, and most popular fabrics at any given moment, so customers can see these without leaving the home page. From these blocks, customers can decide which fabrics and categories most closely align with their interests. 

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