Creating Partnerships

We want to show off our student talent to existing and potential corporate research partners. What’s the best way to do that?

A video would serve as an opportunity for partners to “meet” the students. We could film in the APS Labs space with the students talking about and working on their projects as part of the video.

This will play well for drumming up additional sponsors. Our students have the talent and we want our partners to know it.

Great. We can film later this week.


To begin the project, Matt met with three students (Owen, Joel, and Halley) and APS Labs Director, Jeff Naber, to capture their work – from the system set-up to the testing, while also developing an understanding of the student’s story. How did they get here? What do they hope to do in the future? 


Once the b-roll footage and interview materials (pulled from both audio and two video cameras) were complete, Ashley pieced together each student’s story. We looked at their history and their goals and tied those together with their research projects. We ended the videos documentary style with a one-line statement about the value the students bring to the table. Lauren designed the lower-third graphics to match the APS LABS website and brochure (also designed by Lauren) for a unified brand approach.

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The Undergraduate Experience: Halley Shawbitz

The Undergraduate Experience: Joel Duncan

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