BorgWarner Video, Photo, & Design

BorgWarner vehicle poster design on office wall

It's not every day you get to support the launch of a new Chrysler technology.

The Monte team was excited to hit the test track to shoot video and photos showing the difference between rear-wheel drive and BorgWarner's all-wheel drive system on the Chrysler 300M. In order to launch the new technology, they needed a set of marketing media that included the photo and video assets as well as posters and supporting messaging.

Series of car photos on test track in winter

Test Track Photography & Video

To lead the marketing media, our team shot photos and video footage at a test track. Matt braved the cold temperatures to stand track-side to capture the key differences between all-wheel and rear-wheel vehicle performance. All the media developed focused on driving home the message of the superior handling of the BorgWarner all-wheel drive system.

BorgWarner video storyboard

Video Storyboard

Following the test track photo and video session, our team put together a visual video storyboard that outlined the entire video process from the logo animation to the side-by-side comparison of the rear-wheel drive and the all-wheel drive system from BorgWarner. Detailed process notes were added throughout the storyboard to clearly communicate the vision of the video to both the Monte creative team, as well as the BorgWarner team.

BorgWarner vertical poster design

Freestanding Banner

Using the photos taken by Matt and the messaging developed by the Monte team, Lauren designed a vertical banner that clearly illustrated the difference between rear-wheel and all-wheel drive in the Chrysler 300M. She added red lines to show the intended path to make it more clear that the all-wheel-drive vehicle stayed on the intended path while the rear-wheel-drive car spun and slid off-track.

She also designed a large wall poster that featured three sets of photos as a side-by-side comparison of rear-wheel versus all-wheel. These supporting media were key in illustrating why the new Chrysler 300M all wheel drive system was superior.

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