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Branding update for up.net
Updated logo design for Wax Loft
New logo design for Phoenix House
Logo updated design for Laser North
Logo redesign before and after for Northern Wings
New logo design for Cubes
Logo before and after for Rolar Products
Logo redesign before and after for Schwartz Boiler
Before and after logo design of United Precision

Do you already have a logo, but struggle to "make it work" in every scenario? Is it weakening the perceived quality of your products, services, or company? 

If the answer is yes to any of these, then you should consider a logo refresh/redesign/rework. Want to pick our brains on the best approach for your brand?

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Lauren designing a logo on a laptop with Ashley looking on

Step 1: Logo Research

Custom logos are designed to strengthen your brand presence in the marketplace. How do we ensure this? First, we gain a solid understanding of your business by asking about your history, goals, products/services, competitors, and industry benchmarks. We consider all angles before beginning the design phase, where we create a number of logos tailored to you.

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custom logo design

Step 2: Logo Design

Custom logo design begins with researching your competitor's brands and the benchmark logos you've identified. Lauren, our graphic design lead, creates logomarks before pairing the strongest designs with wide variety of fonts. The result? A set of unique-to-you logo concepts that are reviewed and fine-tuned by the MONTE logo design team before sharing with you.

CASE STUDY: Engineering Logo

logo review

Step 3: Logo Review

The custom logo designs are presented in black and white, to ensure that color does not influence your initial selection of your favorite brand approach. We will explain the meaning and intention behind each unique logo design, but ultimately encourage you to select the top 1-2 design directions that resonate with you and reflect your corporate identity.

CASE STUDY: Software Logo



logo refinement


We refine and evolve your chosen logo design before applying a variety of color combinations for you to choose from. The resulting custom logo design will be saved in a variety of formats, including .ai, .eps, .pdf, .jpg, and .png—as well as in full color, one color, and black/white. We can create a logo hierarchy pdf to "rank" your logos by use—all with the goal of brand unity.

CASE STUDY: Analytics Logo

corporate brand identity

Branding Package

Once the new brand identity is ready, we can design business cards, letterhead, envelopes, a PowerPoint template, website, and brochures with your custom logo. The strongest corporate brand identities use logo and design elements consistently to ensure instant recognition of your product or service.

CASE STUDY: NACRO Academic Group

logo brand style guide


After your custom brand identity is complete, MONTE can create an identity style guide to help you use your new logo in a consistent manner moving forward. The brand style guide illustrates the "do's" and "don'ts" in logo useage, including minimum and maximum sizes, background colors and textures, logo variations for special cases, and more. Our graphic designers can also create branded templates for business cards, letterhead, PPT templates, signage, email blaster, social media branding, posters, flyers, ads, billboards, fax cover sheets, uniforms, tv commericials, brochures, vehicle wraps, etc. 

CASE STUDY: Finlandia University branding

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