Forget the Fuss


Short answer: We aren't your typical marketing agency (nor do we care to be).

Long answer: We come from outside the marketing industry, and our approach is self-developed. We are led by Matt, whose formal training was in engineering, improvisation theater, and language. He entered marketing and creative services by way of sales engineering, selling capital equipment (parts washers). Selling technical solutions via phone and one-off technical videos taught Matt to unpack the problem fully and present a complete solution. Frankly, foreign languages and the improvisation work (3 years, including founding the Swiss Federal Improv Theater in Zurich) were the key to developing a creative mindset. You can read more on our About page.



Short Answer: Five mid-westerners with tenure of 6 to 13 years (not including our highly-valued supporting staff).

Long Answer: Our team hasn't changed in years, however, we reinvent ourselves every 24 months (and have for 18 years). No 2-year period looks like any other. As such, our team is engaged and dynamic—never bored. Several of us are largely self-taught, yet we all share a commitment to constantly growing and refining our skills. Graphic Designer, Lauren: Valedictorian and top graduate from her BFA art school. Web Developer, Chris: Civil Engineer by training, master timber-frame homebuilder, Ironman-doer. Project Manager, Ashley: Marketing Communications degree, writer that never misses a call. Web Programmer, Eric: 15 years web security plus master chef. And then there's Matt, our fearless leader.



Short Answer: Anything you want. Within reason, of course.

Long Answer: Most companies hire us for product/company naminglogo designwebsite developmentwritingphotographyvideotradeshow experiences for B2B and high-level consumer products. We develop the tools for marketing at a quality level that one expects from much larger teams. We can do this because it takes a decade to build an A-team. Furthermore, we employ uncommon methods and technologies to develop designs, names, websites, and things. For example, we use data mining of social media content for quantitative sentiment analysis of potential product names and taglines. We employ a mix of 3D CAD and animation using standard codes from the film industry to design certain tradeshow and lobby spaces. We embrace technology but don't over-rely on it. If you want to know it all, here's the full rundown of our services.