Forget the Fuss


We aren't your typical marketing agency (nor do we care to be).

We come from outside the marketing industry, and our approach is self-developed. We are led by Matt, whose formal training was in engineering, improvisation theater, and language. When you hire MONTE, you get a team of passionate thinkers who aren't of afraid hard work... we actually relish it. 


Five eclectic mid-westerners.

Matt: Fearless leader. Lauren (Graphic Designer): Left/right brain simultaneous thinker. Ashley (Project Manager): Writer, web-editor, expert note taker. Harry (Web Programmer): chicken chaser, music lover, coding wizard. Kaisa (Photo/Video): Shot finder, people illustrator, expert editor.

How we help.

Complete marketing makeovers. Sassy. Brassy. Classy. 

We often hear that our work is at a quality level that is expected from much larger teams. How do we pull this off? Two things come to mind: 1) Our "newest" employee has been with us for 8 cat years. 2) We employ uncommon methods and technologies. What does MONTE do? All the things.

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