Bring on the Bling

What’s our thing?

Cheesy daytime soaps aren’t, but we cover lots of other bases.

No challenge is too crazy—we call that passion. If you want to get in the game, check out our playbook here. Better yet, call us to schedule a free consultation. We’ll serve up a cup of joe for you in our office, or tantalize your taste buds describing one if you're remote.


Why PARTNER with Monte?

Every company has rainbows, glitter, and unicorns to boast about. We help you unpack your special sauce and create the marketing glue that gets your glitter to stick (but with way better results than your kinder craft projects). 

Our sparkle comes from carefully crafted headlines (seriously, we’ve written headlines for a company that sells yeasts for beers), well-done branding to beef up your business, designs that show you aren’t horsin’ around, and websites that shave off editing time through easy-to-edit Drupal backends. Paired with photos that tantalize tastebuds and videos that stump the competition, we'll make sure your brand is ready for launch.

HERE. THERE. We're Everywhere!

Eastern. Central. Pacific. We making collaborating look easy regardless of the time zone our team members (and clients) are in. To stay n'sync (90's style) we have daily standup... or sit-down, frequent skype convos, and encourage (aka annoy) each other through random emojis. We channel our inner Vanilla Ice while sipping chilled lattes over heated discussions of mac vs pc, how to remove a bike gang from a photo, and how raising children has transformed us into infinitely patient, rarely frustrated super heros.