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monte logo website design composites
monte logo design before

Logo: Before

Our team initially began working with Creative Composites to develop a series of videos to utilize as sales tools at tradeshows. Following a discussion on the importance of branding, the decision was made to update the logo and brand identity. The first concern we expressed was the existing logo's lack of contrast. Our goal for all brands is to make them "sticky" in a consumer's brain, and that is nearly impossible if they are struggling to read your business name or identify your logomark.

monte logo design after

Logo: After

The challenge for the new brand was to create a mark that visually represented composites. The key characteristics that we chose to focus on were flexibility, lightweight (yet strong), and individual pieces that come together to form a structure. Lauren was up to the challenge: The final logo meets our criteria and more—it represents "out of the box" thinking, high technology, and energy. The color palette of greens and blues represent the virtually unlimited configurations of composites.

monte website design logo branding before

Website: Before

The existing website was difficult to read with white text on a black background. The design, while creative, was dated and unable to adapt to tablets and mobile devices. Our primary goal in creating an effective website is clear communication and easy navigation, and this website was no different. In addition to giving the website a fresh look and feel, we also worked with Creative Composites on updating the content and photography.

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monte website logo design after

Website: After

During the video shoot, photos were also collected of the facility to be used in the new website design. The new site design features the new logo, clean and crisp colors, a design element on the slideshow that ties into the new logo, as well as a mobile friendly design coded by Chris. The corporate and service-based videos are embedded in the website from YouTube, making them easily accessible at tradeshows and while on-the-go during sales meetings.

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Corporate video 

Matt traveled to Creative Composites' location to interview several employees (on video), take photos, and also video their team working throughout their facility. Once back at the Monte office, he and Ashley reviewed the vast quantity of video and photo assets before selecting and compiling the strongest segments to form the corporate video. The video helps viewers gain insight into the Creative Composites team and understand their commitment to quality. Lauren designed graphic labels matching the new logo and website to provide brand continuity.

industrial marketing video capabilities

Video Set

We also created a series of supporting videos centering around Creative Composites' capabilities and industries. 

Capabilities Videos:
-  Engineering
-  Processes
-  Facilities
-  Materials
-  Quality

 Industry Videos:
-  Aerospace
-  Land Combat/Military
-  Composite Armor
-  Automotive
-  Recreation/Power Sports
-  Commercial/Industrial

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