Social Mapping Website

We need a website that displays the job opportunities Upper Peninsula and a welcoming feeling that encourages people to move here.

Ashley will help you simplify your site structure and Matt has photos you can use to illustrate the career opportunities available in the Upper Peninsula.

We also want a way to highlight our success stories and job openings.

Designing spaces for various content types is Lauren's specialty. Chris will build the website to push these job postings and award highlights to your Facebook account.

Can you help us find a way to display our 14 locations across the UP in the site, so job seekers and employers can find us and our contact information?

Yes, we will find a balance for displaying information for job seekers and employers in an easy to navigate format. 


Ashley and Matt worked with the client to establish an easy-to-follow menu structure that highlights the main areas of service: employers and job seekers. The buttons on the home page are easy to find and are further highlighted in the slideshow. 


On the job seeker side, the client hosts various events throughout the year to help their customers find employment and career development opportunities. The calendar featured on the Job Seeker page displays events with functionality to see more details, including the event description and details about the job potential. 

Dynamic Content

As users scroll through the site, various content formats are presented from text to photos and videos. The posts along the bottom of the site allow the user to see awards and career development opportunities, which are also pushed out to the UP Michigan Works website. 


The client has 14 locations across the Upper Peninsula, so it is important for their customers to be able to easily find the branch office that will be able to assist them. The “Contact Us” page provides site visitors with the county, address, phone and fax numbers, and office hours, along with a link to get directions. Chris pulled the addresses into a Google Map, where users can see the same information in a more visual format. 

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