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documentary book design
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the history

Imagine choosing to live in a solitary, hostile winter environment with wolves and moose as your only companions. For more than five decades, numerous people have dedicated themselves to learning as much as possible about the wolves and moose of Isle Royale, MI—a remote island in Lake Superior. John Vucetich, the current lead researcher of the Wolf/Moose project, meticulously recorded his findings in a daily journal that would become the two books Monte was asked to create.

Our part

John provided the journal entries and photos (taken by himself and his colleagues), along with notes, charts, maps, and many other tidbits of information to lend understanding to the delicate balance of life on the island. Monte took these pieces and wove them into a story of isolation, struggle, and hope. The book designs are deliberately simple, and use a few select type treatments to delineate the sections, days, entries, and captions. The photos speak for themselves.

documentary book cover design

Lauren at Monte designed two books: each based on the journals of John Vucetich.

book design

The books highlight John's findings through notes, musings, and photos.

journal documentary book

The books are both personal and scientific in nature—a blend of daily experiences and fact.

book design

The books are both roughly 40 pages long, and are about the size of a standard novel.

documentary design

The books give a glimpse into a beautiful, yet harsh world that most are unaware of.

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