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sign design


The Michigan Tech Graduate School lobby was outdated and didn’t reflect the welcoming environment provided by the staff. 

signage tradeshow design


The client wanted a "wow" effect, and that is exactly what we gave them: colors that pop, vivid photography, and a video space.

signage design


Just because your lobby area is small doesn’t mean it can’t or shouldn’t make a big impact on your audience. Monte was tasked with creating a multi-media, "wow" experience within the limited lobby space.

tradeshow design


Monte created several design options for the wall, and over the course of a few weeks, narrowed down the options based not only on aesthetics, but on feasibility: will this design work within the budget? Will it fit in the limited space?

interior design


When designing a physical space, making sure all the pieces work together is a challenge. Monte worked with Tiffany Maas-Berkey to select paint colors, furniture fabric, wood laminate flooring, and carpet tiles for the space.

sign design


One of the main goals was to guide visitors to the appropriate hallway. Thanks to the new, color-coded approach, visitors can navigate the hallways easily using the directories and matching doorway colors.

wall interior design


Designs can look great on paper, but don't always translate to great design in real-life. To ensure that their ideas were on point, Monte created 3D renderings of the space and consulted with Elite Signs for the box build-out.

elevator wrap design


To carry the brand experience throughout the space, Monte also designed the elevator doors using the same fonts, colors, and approach as the rest of the space. Elite Signs wrapped the doors using vinyl that is sure to last.

video design


A high resolution video monitor was incorporated into the wall design to help facilitate communication with visitors. Monte designed a variety of "starter" slides, as well as an editable template for quick and easy creation of future content.

tradeshow design
signage design
sign design
signage design

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