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Logo Redesign

All those that come to ACI rehab are looking for support. The new brand's soothing colors and unmistakable show of support between the c and i are representative of ACI's culture and mission of service.

Cohesive Design

Whether we are designing letterhead, envelopes, signage, or a website (or in this case, all of the above), our goal is to maintain consistenty of images, color, type, and formatting to form a united brand identity.


Getting from point A to B can be easy or hard, depending on the clarity of the signage. The signage was designed for readability and consistency, while the color palette was taken both from the new branding and the website design.


The soothing color palette and organized, clearly label actions seek to make website visitors feel at ease and guide them to the content they seek quickly. Textures used throughout the site provide splashes of color and warmth.

We need a new logo. Plus updated letterhead, envelopes, etc. Then we'll need signage, and a website. Can you do it all?

Yes, absolutely.

Great. Let's get started.

rehab website design
healthcare treatment website
healthcare logo branding

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