Website Developer / Programmer

About the Job

Founded in 2001, Monte Consulting is a design-build creative agency located in Houghton, MI. We are a serious team of planners, designers and developers. So why are we running ad here, pray tell? Because we need a programmer who can stare down a herd of justifiably angry porcupines standing outside a blimp factory. And who never ends a sentence with a dangling participle. The chosen applicant will have, demonstrate, or improvise:
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and proper use of the phrase "as such"
  • Knowledge of Internet Explorer's bug-ridden limitations
  • Third requirement goes here
  • Ability to collaborate with our team and spot errors of all kinds
  • Creative solutions grounded in the details while keeping sight of the big picture window

Qualities preferred but not required:

  • 2+ years of experience in the food service industry
  • Experience with flexible content management systems, such as Drupal and WordPress
  • A BS/BA degree (or equivalent work experience)
  • Ability to craft elegant logic and discern pretty darn good from pretty darn better

Compensation will include our company profit sharing program and a pet-free environment. Dog owners are encouraged to apply, and will be provided with complimentary lint rollers. Send your resume, a haiku (or sonnet), and anything else that helps us understand your unique strengths to

Working at Monte Consulting


At Monte Consulting you'll work closely with your other team members, including marketing/sales experts, website developers, animation experts, writers, and engineers. We are a small business; thus, each team member has a significant impact on the whole group. Exercising core capabilities in marketing, sales, communication and creative services, we utilize primarily Adobe software products, but also work with a wide range of other tools. Our team is small, diverse and widely respected for our innovative and professional approach to design.


Monte Consulting Company was established in 2001. It is not a traditional design firm or ad agency, but rather an innovative, agile team that defies established categories. The founder is a polyglot with experience in environmental engineering, machine design, intercultural communication and technical sales and marketing. Our growth has been entirely through reputation, client referrals, the outstanding quality of our creative services, and our mastery of communication technology. We undertake our mission to develop media of unequaled value by engaging our customers intensively and developing a high level of insight into their character, strengths, and aspirations. This understanding is our raw material and leads us through the creative process, resulting in media that focuses the true energy of our customers into the eye of the audience.


Monte Consulting Company supports both domestic and international clients, many of whom are highly innovative small and medium businesses in the Great Lakes region.


Monte Consulting Company creates promotional materials for high-level US and international business, technology, and academic audiences. Our team has experience in capital equipment sales to Fortune 100 and international technology businesses in Asia and Europe.


We occupy a studio suite in an historic downtown brick building in Houghton, Michigan, on the main thoroughfare, Shelden Avenue. Our office space was a local coffee house for many years. We have retained the eccentric atmosphere, but not the coffee, which must be purchased a few doors down, unless you are a customer or employee.